Uggi Kaldan

Photographer| Journalist | Blogger

  • I was in Afghanistan and didn’t shoot a single image of war

  • I was on top of a rainbow with Aros boss Erland

  • I dressed my daughter in yellow to match our couch cushion

  • I went into a forest with Danish MTB Legend Erik Skovgaard

  • I was in the studio with Nadja

  • I had a date with this Norwegian Lobster, it was delicious

  • Afternoon tea with my friend C – just tea

  • DS, rockstar & former pro cyclist Brian Holm attended a race I organised

  • I was at Kulturby Aarhus Opening – they had fireworks

  • I was invited to a hunt, but I only fired my Canon

  • I was asked to do a portrait

  • I photographed my wife and our two daughters